The HOUSE CALL: A tradition of medical and health-care providers. 


“We feel that you can get the best care and management in the comfort of your own home or whenever and wherever you are.”


"We allow for patients to go back to healing, relaxing, and or back to business without having to drive, find parking, or worry about getting out of the house."


Oriental Medicine is the Most Widely Used Medicine in the World, and is a 5000+ year-old medicine, is practiced in more countries than any other medical system in the world.  It is a complete medicine (as is western medicine), meaning that it can stand alone in diagnosing disease and prescribing treatment for a vast amount of health problems.  Because it is a complete medical system, it can be used in place of western medicine. 

In fact, many people have chosen Oriental medicine as their primary health care system.  It can also be used as a complementary medical system to western medicine because it is better at diagnosing and/or treating certain types of conditions and diseases, particularly, chronic diseases, gynecological problems, fertility issues and diseases that go undiagnosed by western medicine. 

Western medicine, on the other hand, would be the better choice for life threatening situations and major acute conditions.  It would be wise to consider Chinese medicine and Western medicine  as mutually beneficial rather than mutually exclusive.

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Ryan Bishop AP., LMT.